Siusi Alps

Enjoy Alpine cuisine at 1.904 meters altitude!

For over 25 years, the farmhouse tavern “Schgaguler Schwaige” serves traditional and authentic South Tyrolean specialities.
Since the beginning, it has been our aim to offer local dishes prepared with homemade and hand processed products along with fresh ingredients grown on our lands. The cows we keep in our barn are fed with the best alpine hay and in return they provide us with fresh milk every day. High quality dairy products such as butter, cheese, yogurt and card are then freshly produced directly on our farm. For our dishes we process the eggs of the chickens and the meat of the cows and pigs we keep on the farm. Also worth trying is our homemade and well-known South Tyrolean speck (cured raw bacon).

The table is set, enjoy regional culinary delights with a stunning view of the Dolomites.

Enjoy your meal!


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